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Van Santvoort Advies is your consultancy specialist for service on all subjects regarding spatial planning/urban planning, environment and equestrian / agricultural real estate. We guide through the jungle of legislation and licensing and take care of all your communication with government agencies. So your plan can be executed as soon as possible. You can contact van Santvoort Advies for:

  • Outsourcing planning and zoning applications, including all contacts with the government;
  • Tailored advice on all issues regarding equestrian real estate: from vision development and site selection to the manure registration system (MAR) and completion;
  • Studies, reports and licence applications, such as construction and environmental permits.

With van Santvoort consultancy you are in the right place to turn your plans into reality. Because of our knowledge and experience with the government, the specialization of spatial planning – also in the countryside- and a passion for horses.

With van Santvoort consultancy you are firmly in the saddle!


Equestrian sector

The equestrian sector has no secrets for van Santvoort Advies. We specialize in consulting on planning and environmental developments in this sector. We know our way within the required government institutions and have up-to-date knowledge of all the rules and regulations. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a horse enthusiast operating in the equestrian sector, van Santvoort Advies is ready to assist you in the entire process: research, preparation, process supervision, implementation and follow-up. You can also leave the site location in our capable hands.

In addition, like no other we understand the equestrian real estate market thanks to our partnership with ‘van Santvoort estage agents’. We are also able to assist you with realization of renovations or new constructions because of our close ties with ‘van Santvoort Architects’. We guide you from A to Z: from site selection and sketches, communication with the government to apply for licences to the realization. And if your plans are carried out we can also arrange the mandatory manure registration!

Please contact us for:

  • policy checks;
  • application for planning permission;
  • applications for zoning amendments;
  • consultancy on government procedures;
  • supervision and coordination procedures;
  • coordination research;
  • NB-wetvergunning (Nature Conservation Act licence);
  • supervising dialogue with local residents and stakeholders;
  • manure registration (MAR);
  • and much more

At van Santvoort Advies we raise bar, so no jump is too high!



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