Nathalie van Eggelen

Rental broker and employee management

Works at Van Santvoort Makelaars since:
I started working at Van Santvoort Makelaars immediately after my graduation from the Real Estate and Real Estate course, in July 2020.

“The future depends on what you do today.

What are your tasks at Van Santvoort?
Together with Mark Wissink, I am responsible for the rental of various existing or new homes within Van Santvoort Makelaars. I also take care of the tasks that go with the management of these houses.

What are you proud of at Van Santvoort Makelaars?
That despite the fact that Van Santvoort has multiple locations, each location is well attuned to each other so that we can always put the customer first.

How does Van Santvoort Makelaars contribute to your personal development?
At Van Santvoort I get the space to put the theory into practice after my studies.

What is important in your work at Van Santvoort Makelaars?
It is important to put yourself in the position of a (potential) tenant so that you can respond to your personal wishes. Clear communication and open and honest work is also very important to me.

What do you do besides your work?
Besides my work I like to cook and travel.