Rianne Pulles

Since when have you been with van Santvoort Advies and what is your background?
”Since 1 November I am working as Junior Advisor Spatial Planning and Environment at Van Santvoort Advies. I have a bachelor and master followed in the direction of Environmental Sciences. Here I have always had an interest in the combination of spatial planning and environment. During my studies I was able to make a nice combination between natural science and policy. This gives me a broad background in environment and sustainability. I do not have much work experience yet, because Van Santvoort Advies is my first ‘real’ job! I still have to learn a lot about the profession, but at Van Santvoort Advies I get every opportunity to do so.

What did you like most about the vacancy at Van Santvoort Advies?
”I came across the vacancy of Van Santvoort Advies by chance on the Internet. It really appealed to me because they were looking for a motivated person. And that’s me! Work experience was not essential and I got the idea that they looked more to the person than to what is on my paper. This gave me a good feeling because they looked less at my work experience and more at what I have to offer in the future. Furthermore, the work within Van Santvoort Advies is very broad, so I can learn a lot about how everything works within spatial planning. ”

Tell us a bit more about yourself, what do you like to do in your free time?
”In my free time I can be found a lot with my two horses. I share this hobby together with my mother, so we spend a lot of time together with the horses. I am also a fanatic competition rider so in the weekend I often go on competitions. Although Van Santvoort is a pretty famous name in the jumping sport, I am a purebred dressage rider. Furthermore, I like to go into town with friends, have a nice dinner or go to a terrace. But you can always make me happy with an evening at home on the couch.”

What can customers approach you for?
In the future I hope to have learned a lot about how everything works within spatial planning. I will probably specialize more in the area of horse keeping, because that ties in with my hobby, and in the area of environmental aspects, because of my studies. Especially with the current developments regarding the environment and sustainability, and their importance, I think this will become an increasingly important subject within spatial planning. I immediately felt at home at Van Santvoort and I hope that I can continue to work here with pleasure for a long time! ”