Also record in Nuenen!

Last week it was the week of the quarterly results. The national real estate association NVM published the figures on house sales, prices and the housing supply in the previous quarter. As a real estate agency we have been publishing a regional report for many years, based on the NVM figures in the region. Striking this time was the fact that especially the suburbs of Eindhoven achieved a sales record. And in the third quarter, which is usually the slack customer because of the summer vacations. Under the influence of corona, fewer people went on vacation this year, which made trade more lively. Nuenen shared that sales joy, with no less than 102 home sales at NVM-Makelaars. And that was the largest number of transactions in the past two years.

For sellers it was a good quarter, but for buyers there was less reason to rejoice. Because the supply in Nuenen remains structurally far too small and that drives up the already high prices even further. In one year’s time sales prices in Nuenen rose by 9%, which is in line with the average in the region. As a result, the average selling price in Nuenen rose to €418,036 and per square metre that amounts to an average price of €2,737. Veldhoven is at about the same level and of the 16 regional municipalities there are only 4 municipalities with a higher average: Bergeijk, Eersel, Aalst-Waalre and Son en Breugel. Fortunately, the interest rate is so low that enough house hunters can still pay the increased prices and that also ensured that the sales were made quickly. It remains a pity that it is still difficult for starters on the housing market.

Of course, there is widespread speculation that peripheral municipalities and rural areas will benefit from the corona crisis, because people are now more interested in larger homes with larger gardens. Whether that is really an effect will become apparent in the longer term. For the time being, the greater scarcity in the cities seems to me to be a more important factor. There the flushing is even thinner and the square meter price is significantly higher. But the market is also extremely tight in Nuenen, which means that the housing market continues to operate in difficult waters.