Selling an equestrian property or rural home

A successful sale of your house or property? We achieve that together: we guide you through the entire sales process.

Sales with horses at home

What are the possibilities of my property?

There is a bit more involved in selling a farm or equestrian property compared to selling a regular house. Are all the facilities inside the permitted building surface area? What about the environmental permits? We can also discuss all questions about the upkeep of the property or the possibilities of new activities in advance. New regulations surrounding the nitrogen policies raise many questions as well. Our team includes advisors who specialise in topics like these. Being aware of the possibilities of the property puts you at an advantage!

What are my costs if my house does not sell?

Once you have made the decision to sell your horse, there are start-up costs involved. These cover sales photos, drawing up and designing a brochure and putting the property on Funda and on our own website. Finally, we promote the property via our newsletter and social media outlets. After that, we work on a ‘no cure no pay’ basis. Simply stated, it means that payment follows after the actual sale of the property. A good agreement for you as a seller!

Do you also want to sell your house quickly?

Meet Van Santvoort Rural Living during a non-committal informative conversation or valuation of your home. We are happy to help and make clear agreements. Choose Van Santvoort Rural Living, the specialist in equestrian properties. Selling a rural residence or equestrian property is a profession in itself. The real estate agents of Van Santvoort Rural Living master that trade! At our office, you get your own agent who guides you in the sale process of your home. You will discuss the sales strategy with him or her, which will be fully tailored to your personal situation.

That the housing market is going through peak after peak is nothing new to anyone, in the past 20 years, house prices have not risen as fast as this year. Whether it is new construction, existing homes or equestrian properties: selling in 2021 is easier than ever. Do you every think about selling your property? Is the upkeep of a large property becoming too demanding or are you just looking for a new place? We would be happy to inform you on the latest developments in the housing market and gladly assist if you are considering selling your home.

To sell or not to sell?

We find that many customers are not at all sure about selling their house. They actually like the accommodation just fine, but they perceived some interest from their network. We notice there is increasing interest in properties that are not for sale and potential buyers are simply ringing the doorbell to ask if you want to sell the house. However, the answer to that question is not always an easy one. You just got a nice place to run your business from, in a central location and actually like living there. We understand you may have questions about a possible sale.

What is my home’s value?

An important part of the sale is, of course, determining the price. The real estate agents at Van Santvoort Rural Living know the market inside out and are happy to give you advice on a non-committal basis. Naturally, an estimation can clarify the value of the property.

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