Sell your house or apartment

Successfully selling your house or apartment in the Eindhoven region? You do this together with us, we guide you during the entire process of selling your house or apartment.

Sell a house in the Eindhoven region

Choose Van Santvoort Makelaars, the specialist in selling your home in the Eindhoven region! Selling a house or an apartment is a specialty. And the real estate agents of Van Santvoort master that profession! At our office you will get your own sales agent who will guide you in selling your house or apartment. You will discuss with him or her the best asking price and the sales strategy, which will be fully tailored to your personal situation.

Plan of action when selling your house

This way you start with a clear plan of action. This is necessary, because selling a house or an apartment requires a sophisticated strategy in which multiple resources are deployed. Want to sell your house quickly and successfully in the Eindhoven region? The team Van Santvoort Makelaars is ready for you!

The advantages:

  • We keep optimal and personal contact with you throughout the entire sales process;
  • Your house or apartment will be prominently placed on Funda;
  • We provide professional photography, clear floor plans and any other promotional material;
  • We inform all house seekers who are registered with our real estate office or other real estate agents in the region that your house or apartment is for sale;
  • You can participate in the monthly Van Santvoort Open House Route;
  • We will guide you during viewings and negotiate the price and conditions for you;
  • In your personal online ‘customer dossier’ on the protected part of our website we will keep you informed 24/7 about the progress we are making in selling your house or apartment.

Successfully selling your house or apartment

Our active approach works! Van Santvoort Makelaars is successful in selling your house or apartment. Of all the houses we take up for sale, we sell 80% within half a year. And our clients appreciate our work with an average of 8.7.

Do you also want to sell your house quickly?

Feel free to meet Van Santvoort Makelaars for a free consultation or valuation of your house. We are happy to be at your service and make clear agreements.

Van Santvoort Makelaars, the successful real estate agent in the Eindhoven region!


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