Baerz & Co

Baerz & Co partners are certified real estate agencies, all specializing in exclusive homes. You can rely on our extensive network and our experience and expertise in real estate matters with great personal involvement. But in our opinion, this is far from enough for you. In order to provide you with the best possible service, our cooperating partners offer you considerable advantages.

We see little added value in chic international franchise labels. It is precisely for this reason that we opt for an entirely different approach, with which we save and earn many times more than our usual fees for our clients. After all, you don’t do the sharpest things by negotiating brokerage commissions. The sharpest case is done with our unique approach!

With us, the difference lies in joining forces with other high-end firms, a strong (inter)national network, an advanced online marketing strategy, great personal involvement, in-depth knowledge of all regional markets, more than usual brokerage services and last but not least: passionate hard work!

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