Equestrian sector

The equestrian sector holds no secrets for van Santvoort Advies. We specialise in advising on spatial and environmental developments in this sector. We know our way around government bodies and are familiar with all the rules in detail.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a hobby in the equestrian sector, van Santvoort Advies is there for you throughout the entire process: research, preparation, process guidance, realisation and aftercare. You can also leave the choice of location to us.

In addition, we have insight into the market of equestrian real estate like no other, partly thanks to our cooperation with ‘van Santvoort Makelaars’. We can also be of service to you in the realization of (re)construction, also because we have close ties with Van Santvoort Architects. We guide you from A to Z: from location selection and initial sketch designs, communication with the government to applying for permits and realisation. And once your plans have been executed, we also arrange the fattening registration if necessary!

You can contact us for:

  • project management;
  • vision development;
  • strategy determination;
  • project support;
  • policy check;
  • submission request in principle;
  • applying for zoning plan change;
  • advising on government procedures;
  • guidance and coordination procedures;
  • investigating coordination;
  • NB licence (nature protection);
  • supervision of environmental dialogue;
  • fattening registration horse husbandry;
  • and much more.

For van Santvoort Advies no obstacle is too high!