All our real estate agents are affiliated with VastgoedCert, kamer Wonen.
VastgoedCert is the quality register of estate agents. Since there is no longer a legal sworn affidavit, anyone can call himself a real estate agent. That is why the Stichting VastgoedCert was founded in 2004, a sector-wide platform that takes care of the certification and registration of estate agents on the basis of their professional competence.

More than 6,500 certified estate agents are registered with VastgoedCert. These brokers are certified by a Certifying Body (DEKRA) on the basis of the requirements VastgoedCert has drawn up. These requirements are laid down in a certification scheme. To be able to join one or more Chambers of VastgoedCert a broker must demonstrate that he meets all the professional competence requirements for this Chamber.

In order to maintain this certification Vastgoedcert certified estate agents must follow annual courses.

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