All Van Santvoort brokers are members of the NVM Wonen department. The NVM is the largest Dutch association for estate agents and real estate experts.

The specialist field of this department is advising in the field of real estate with a residential function. Membership of the department is open to companies to which a real estate agent or appraiser affiliated with the department is affiliated.

NVM Wonen provides targeted support to its affiliated members through education and research. In addition, it looks after the interests of the government and politics.

As a member of the NVM we subscribe to the NVM Code of Honour: your guarantee of doing honest business when buying or selling a house. An estate agent or real estate expert with the NVM logo guarantees a number of securities. Indeed, the NVM continuously invests in the expertise of the profession. The articles of association and the code of honour guarantee the basic quality of every NVM member.

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