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Truly at home in Eindhoven
Are you looking for a house in Eindhoven? Then Van Santvoort Makelaars is the real estate agency you are looking for. Because we are at home in Eindhoven like no other. In existing districts, new housing estates, the city centre and on the outskirts: our brokers know what is for sale in Eindhoven. We know the city like no other, because a good real estate agent is always on the road, be it the real road or the digital one!

Advice from the real estate agent of Eindhoven
Thanks to our knowledge of the city and housing market, we can give you the best possible advice if you want to buy a house, but also if you want to sell a house. Our estate agents know the ins and outs of the market, so they can give you good and realistic price advice if you want to put your home up for sale. Determining the sales strategy is also in good hands with us. But if you are looking for the house of your dreams in Eindhoven, we will show you the way to the neighbourhood, the street or the house that suits you. Because a good real estate agent not only knows the city, but also his client.

Pleasant living thanks to the real estate agent of Eindhoven
And it is certainly pleasant to live in Eindhoven. The city is booming. The city centre is attractive and lively and Strijp-S offers an extra dimension. Events such as the Dutch Design Week and GLOW give the City of Light a glowing appearance. At the same time, Eindhoven has remained green and liveable. Our real estate office is gladly at your service.

Living in Eindhoven, the city where you will definitely feel at home!

Natasja Vissers

Vastgoedadviseur nieuwbouw

Selling new construction projects in the Eindhoven region. From the first contact moment, keeping potential buyers involved for current and future new building plans, advising, customer meetings, to aftercare.
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Marlene Pouwels

Commercieel medewerker

Many diverse tasks such as the normal administrative tasks, but also the management of the housing portfolio, contact with the sellers and clients, working out valuations and the entire process from the house to the sale.
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Yvonne Tijssen


I'm the contact for our office in Eindhovenl. Behind the scenes, I make sure everything runs smoothly here. After getting acquainted with our estate agent for the first time, I maintain close contacts with buyers and sellers. Clients are received with a big smile and spoken to, both at the office and on the phone.
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Maureen Geraets

Vastgoedadviseur nieuwbouw

As a new estate agent it is my responsibility to guide and advise prospective buyers in the purchase of a home. In this it is important to maintain good contacts with clients. The successful sale of a new-build project is what I strive for together with my colleagues. Satisfaction of a client and a buyer are central in this. Within our office I am the one with demonstrable knowledge in the rental sector. In the near future I will also be involved in the letting of new construction projects.
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Mark Wissink

Vastgoedadviseur nieuwbouw

Total support of both private and business clients in the field of new construction. Think, among other things, about this: - Advising business clients in the area of new building initiations; - Advising business clients in the field of marketing; - sales of new homes.
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Ad van Beek


Carrying out a wide range of activities to assist clients and other relations to and completion of transactions in the purchase/sale and lease/rental of existing homes in our region. Contributing to the maintenance and development of the strong market position achieved. Because of my knowledge and experience in the other parts of our region, I also carry out work in the regions of my colleagues if there is a need for extra effort.
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Sjors de Vries


As a real estate agent I am responsible for the acquisition and sale of all existing construction houses in Eindhoven and the immediate vicinity.
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Pieter van Santvoort


Together with Dirk, I am ultimately responsible for Van Santvoort Makelaars.
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