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Nuenen, picturesque living

In Nuenen you can walk in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh. And you can live near no less than 22 places that remind you of him. So, picturesque living in Nuenen. The estate agents at Van Santvoort will be happy to outline the possibilities for you. Because Nuenen not only has a colourful history, it is also a contemporary and vital place to live with beautiful homes in types, sizes and styles. And our estate agents know where they stand and what they cost.

Advice from the real estate agent of Nuenen

Nuenen is also the cradle of our brokerage office: this is where Van Santvoort Makelaars was founded in 1976. So our slogan ‘At home in your region’ is perhaps most applicable in Nuenen. It is of course pleasant for estate agents to work when a municipality gives space to attractive new residential areas such as Luistruik and Nuenen-west. The village is also developing beautiful initiatives such as Vincentre, the centre in which Vincent van Gogh comes to life. But also the modern bicycle path with luminous stars in the asphalt, developed by designer Daan Roosegaarde, is an attraction.

Pleasant living thanks to the real estate agent van Nuenen

Partly for this reason, Nuenen is an attractive and popular place to live, with a wide variety of new and existing housing. Our estate agents are rooted in this community and are at the forefront of buying and selling. They know about the hat and the edge and maintain numerous contacts with business and private buyers and sellers. All in the interests of the clients in Nuenen and beyond, of course. After all, the wishes of buyers and sellers are always in the first place at our estate agent’s office.

Living in Nuenen is living in a colourful village.