Buying / selling a house, an apartment or a business property is always based on the estimation of the market value. Valuation of your house or business property, it has become more than ever a field of work with strong regulations and many guidelines. Logical, because the valuation of a house or an apartment, a business property or other commercial property must be done objectively and transparently.

Guidelines valuations
The valuers of Van Santvoort Makelaars work according to a fixed methodology and a uniform format in a wide region (Southeast Brabant, Central Brabant, North-East Brabant and North Limburg). This format complies with national and international regulations. Not only you as a customer should be able to count on our reliability of the valuation. Accountants, lawyers, civil-law notaries, tax inspectors and banks also do so.

Purposes for valuations
The valuations of Van Santvoort Makelaars are used for many different purposes. Of course for decisions when buying or selling your house, apartment or business premises, but also for decisions in the field of renting and letting. We also carry out valuations for property financing, project development, land valuations and WOZ disputes, among other things.
Because our appraisers are registered with the NRVT (Dutch Real Estate Valuators Registry), they are also obliged to spend a number of hours per year on continuing education and further training. In this way you are assured of our up-to-date expertise:
– Appraisal house;
– Apartment valuation;
– Valuation business property;

Van Santvoort Makelaars knows the value of your property!
Depending on the nature of the assignment and the client, we must comply with these valuation guidelines.

– International Valuation Standards (IVS);
– Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut (NWWI);
– International Financial Report Standards (IFRS);
– NRVT (Dutch Register of Real Estate Valuators);
– Platform Taxateurs en Accountants (PTA);
– ROZ-IPD Real Estate Index Guidelines;
– Commercial Real Estate Valuation Guidelines (TCV/TMI);
– Aedex/IPD Corporation Real Estate Index Guidelines;
– Guidelines for Annual Reporting (RJ);
– European Valuation Standards (EVS/TeGoVa).