Mortgage advice

Did you find your dream house? In most cases it requires financing that is part of the total financial household. Because good advice in the field of financing and insurance requires the necessary specialism, we have entered into a partnership with !ntersant.

The SEH FFP-recognized advisors of !ntersant are happy to help you in making the right decision about your financing for your home. They do this with mortgage advice, which is tailored to your personal situation.

In this mortgage advice they take into account your current affordability of your housing costs and they take into account your future situation which may change during the term of your mortgage.

Home insurance
It is of course important that when you are going to buy your dream home, not only the mortgage is taken into account. But that you are also covered for all possible risks that could occur in the future. Unforeseen matters could arise such as, for example, incapacity for work or unemployment and death. It is therefore important that the financial obligations can still be met. But also think about being able to continue living in your dream home when you retire.

There will therefore be a well-considered financial planning that also includes asset planning and your home insurance. The SEH FFP-recognized advisors of !ntersant will make a financial planning and provide you with advice about your home insurance that is fully tailored to your personal situation, your wishes and your goals. They take into account all existing provisions and financial risks.

Tailor-made advice for your mortgage and home insurance will be necessary if you want to keep the helm in your own hands. So that in the end you can enjoy yourself in the way you have in mind. For now and in the future.

Let one of !ntersant’s advisers advise you personally on what is the best mortgage or home insurance for you.

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