The specialisation of our appraisers goes far. Two of our appraisers are affiliated with the TMI.

The Valuation Management Institute focuses on all qualified appraisers who want to work with the Valuation Management System. In addition, the institute is relevant for clients in the commercial real estate sector. Valuations made with the Valuation Management System comply with the Commercial Real Estate Valuation Guidelines©. This means that the appraisal meets the highest quality standards in the market and is substantiated.

The Taxation Management Institute takes care of the quality and management of the uniform Taxation Management System. The main objective of the system is that appraisers can work on the basis of the same principles. These are laid down in the Commercial Real Estate Valuation Guideline©. An initiative that makes appraisals of commercial real estate transparent, comparable and qualitatively verifiable.
A TMI appraiser is tested on his skills to join TMI. Once in, the appraiser is obligatorily retrained through the TMI Academy.


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