Sell business premises

Would you like to sell your business premises in the Eindhoven region? Van Santvoort Makelaars makes work of selling your business premises. Feel free to contact us today!

Selling business premises in the Eindhoven region?

Of course, we started selling homes. But how is that going? Then a house with practical space just ends up in the supply. Or a store and a house with a business hall next door. This is how we gradually ended up in the world of business premises. Now we sell a business property just as easily as a home. Because we know the business market and the most important players in the business world well. We are just as at home in business parks and shopping streets in the Eindhoven region as we are in residential areas.

Your partner in selling your business property

Selling a business property is of course a different sport than selling a house. And the market of commercial real estate certainly differs from the housing market. We know what those differences are and can respond well to rapidly changing circumstances. Because if somewhere developments follow each other quickly, it is in industry and services. Yet … there are also many similarities between selling a business property and selling a home.

What matters is this:

  • A personal and active approach;
  • Knowing your customers well and always being there for them;
  • Being able to assess and analyze market situations;
  • Optimal use of digital marketing techniques.

Customer focus

It is precisely the customer orientation of Van Santvoort Makelaars that makes us successful in selling business premises.

Do you want to sell your business premises?

Get acquainted with Van Santvoort Makelaars for a free consultation or valuation of your business property. We are happy to be at your service and make clear agreements.

Van Santvoort Makelaars, the successful real estate agent in the Eindhoven region!