Private individuals

Build your dream house, anywhere or do you have other plans for which you need the government? Van Santvoort Advies can guide and relieve you in this process at all desired moments. The first step is often a policy check. Do your ideas fit in with government policy, what are the possibilities and impossibilities? Then we make a step-by-step plan, so that you know exactly which process we are going to go through. We then take care of all contacts with the government, including the necessary permit applications, so that you can actually realise your plans. You benefit not only from our specialist knowledge of the specific regulations, but also from our knowledge of and experience in the real estate market.

You can come to us for:

  • policy check;
  • submission of a request in principle;
  • applying for zoning plan changes;
  • advising on government procedures;
  • Guidance and coordination procedures;
  • coordination of investigations and permits;
  • regulations on building in the outlying area;
  • space for space regulation;
  • and much more.

Van Santvoort advice offers you insight and overview!