All our appraisers are affiliated with the NWWI.

The Dutch Home Value Institute, the NWWI, has the important goal of increasing the expertise, reliability and transparency of home appraisals. It offers those involved an insight into the creation of the appraised value. By doing so, it contributes to the prevention of valuation fraud.

The NWWI validates (approves) reports of home appraisals by affiliated valuers and ensures that each appraisal is drawn up uniformly and according to clear guidelines. This provides lenders, intermediaries and consumers with clear, objective and reliable home appraisals that provide insight into the way in which the appraised value was arrived at.

Only valuers who meet strict quality requirements can apply to the NWWI. More than 4420 appraisers have now joined the NWWI.

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