Maureen Geraets


New Building Consultant (KRMT)

Works at Van Santvoort Makelaars since:

After 4 years working in the rental sector as a rental broker, I made the switch to Van Santvoort Makelaars as of August 1, 2014.


“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

What are your tasks at Van Santvoort?

As a New Construction Advisor it is my responsibility to guide and advise prospective buyers in the purchase of a home. In this it is important to maintain good contacts with clients. The successful sale of a new-build project is what I strive for together with my colleagues. Satisfaction of a client and a buyer are central in this. Within our office I am the one with demonstrable knowledge in the rental sector. In the near future I will also be involved in the letting of new construction projects.

What are you proud of at Van Santvoort Makelaars?

What makes our office unique compared to a ‘standard’ real estate agency is the customer friendliness, the high level of expertise in the field of home brokerage and the willingness to do just that extra step for the prospective buyer and client. There is an informal working atmosphere in which loyalty and collegiality are highly valued. I am therefore extremely proud that we belong to the top 3 of largest new estate agencies in the Netherlands. Our clients nominated us in 2014 as new estate agent of the year.

How does Van Santvoort Makelaars contribute to your personal development?

Van Santvoort Makelaars is an organization in which employees are given many responsibilities. In the short period that I have been working at van Santvoort Makelaars, I have already experienced a personal growth. The process of selling a home cannot be compared to the letting process of a home. This requires a completely different approach / guidance of potential buyers. For the future I expect that I can and may develop myself even more inside of van Santvoort Makelaars. For now I am gaining new experiences every day.

What is important in your work at Van Santvoort Makelaars?

A new home is bought from a ‘drawing’. In most situations there is no physical possibility to view a house. In the sales process of new build it is important to enthuse people, to inform them well and to keep the communication as pure as possible.

What do you do besides your work?

I like to spend my free time with friends and family. My greatest passion is travelling. After a number of trips to Africa, America, Canada and China, I know that I still want to see and discover many places in the world. I also like to take spinning lessons in the gym, jog and dance. For me it is important to find the right balance between work and private life.