Ad van Beek


Employee real estate agent mainly in the region Eindhoven and the Kempen. Carrying out work to assist clients and other relations in the purchase/sale and renting/leasing of houses.

Works at Van Santvoort Makelaars since:

In 1978 I joined the real estate agency that started in 1976. In 1977 I completed an HBO commercial economics course. I started in real estate in the days when computers, internet and mobile telephony were not yet participating in the housing market.


Everyone and everything is different.

What are your tasks at Van Santvoort?

Carrying out a variety of activities to guide clients and other relations to and completing transactions in the purchase/sale and renting/leasing of existing homes in our region. Contributing to the maintenance and development of the strong market position achieved. Because of my knowledge and experience in the other parts of our region, I also carry out work in the regions of my colleagues if there is a need for extra effort.

What are you proud of at Van Santvoort Makelaars?

Satisfied clients and other relations of our office. Furthermore because of the good reputation, solid market position and being an innovator in the regional brokerage.

How does Van Santvoort Makelaars contribute to your personal development?

Guiding clients and relations to transactions that result in as much satisfaction as possible gives you a good feeling. Business relationships sometimes also have an effect on a personal level. Flexible attitude and professionalism is a combination that needs to be mastered at all times in order to be able to continue to cooperate well. There is plenty of dynamism so that every day there are still surprises, pluses and minuses and learning moments. No existing home is the same, every person involved in the transaction is different. Every new assignment is a challenge.

What is important in your work at Van Santvoort Makelaars?

Executing assignments well with results satisfied clients and other relations. Furthermore, achieving a good operating result and own satisfaction / pleasure in the work are important. Good cooperation and contacts with colleagues are also very important.

What do you do besides your work?

Reading, listening to music and walking, mainly in my own home environment and if possible also elsewhere.