Anne-Marie van Santvoort

Working as real estate agent & appraiser of real estate

Works for van Santvoort brokers since:
As a second generation I have been working as a broker & appraiser since 1995. After my training I started working (after a few short internships at a renowned bank, notary’s office and insurance company) as a permanent employee.

If you give a lot of confidence, you will earn it back!

What are your tasks at Van Santvoort?
Purchase and sale of existing buildings, mainly in the private market. Property appraisals in the broadest form. Note appraiser special management.

What are you proud of at Van Santvoort estate agents?
As an office we have grown by thinking small. Every client is important and will be approached with due attention.

Core values
Reliable. Involved. Enthusiastic. Creative. Commercial institution in a social way.

How does Van Santvoort real estate agents contribute to your personal development?
I have been working at the Van Santvoort company since I was a teenager. First as a Saturday help and during school holidays. In other words, Van Santvoort estate agents have played an important role in my life and therefore in my personal development for over 30 years.

What is important in your work at Van Santvoort Makelaars?
That every client looks back very closely on the services provided after a transaction has been concluded. Sometimes it is very special that you are offered a nice card, chocolates, flowers, cakes or a bottle of wine. A little something out of appreciation then does me extra good. In the context of special management appraisals I always try to give the client an advice/message in which
I hope that something really serious will be done about it and that the damage will be kept to a minimum.

In addition to my work
The passion for houses I also carry through privately and so I find home styling very fun and interesting. I love good food !