Van Santvoort Makelaars

Van Santvoort Makelaars is at home in the region. We help you with transactions of houses, new buildings, business premises and agricultural real estate.

At home in your region

We are at home in the region and know the area like no other. We are happy to help you with transactions of houses, new buildings, business premises and rural real estate. We offer added value in sales, purchases, rentals, new build consultancy, appraisals and financial services.

Personal approach

We empathize with your question. Every assignment starts with a personal interview. You can count on a working method that is typical of an NVM broker. The result matches your expectations and preferably a little more.

Why sell your house with Van Santvoort Makelaars.

You will get your own sales agent who will guide you in selling your house. You will discuss the best asking price and sales strategy with your real estate agent, fully tailored to your personal situation. This way you will start with a clear plan of action. We like to work with you when selling your home.

In your personal online ‘client file’ we will keep you informed 24/7 about the status of the sale of your home by phone, e-mail and text message. Your home will be prominently placed on Funda. With your house on Funda you reach 95% of the house seekers. In addition, we inform all house seekers who are registered with Van Santvoort Makelaars or other real estate agents in your area. And as the best selling real estate agent in Brabant we have a large reach. So every house hunter knows that your house is for sale. Do you also want to sell your house successfully? Get to know Van Santvoort Makelaars free of charge for an informal information meeting.