Eric Hoeks


Office Manager

Works at Van Santvoort Makelaars since:

In 1986 I started as a field employee in the housing brokerage. I was also involved in mortgages and insurance. When our organisation started to expand with several branches, my work shifted more and more inwards.

What are your tasks within Van Santvoort?

That is difficult to summarise. Say anything that comes before my feet. I am mainly concerned with the internal organisation, the work processes, CRM and assisting estate agents / valuers in their work, especially valuations Commercial Real Estate.

What are you proud of at Van Santvoort Makelaars?

Van Santvoort Makelaars always tries to be innovative with great attention for its clients. The question is always asked how we can do better for our clients. This keeps us sharply focused on the market.

How does Van Santvoort Makelaars contribute to your personal development?

Because Van Santvoort is constantly looking for new opportunities, I stay up to date with the latest developments in the field of internet and social media, among other things. Imagine when I started at van Santvoort, we didn’t know computers or anything else and see how far we are now. In addition, we are further expanding our activities in various sub-areas, particularly in the field of commercial real estate.

What is important in your work at Van Santvoort Makelaars?

Working together in a team.

What do you do in addition to your work?

I am a fervent carnaval celebrity member of the Raad van Elf in our village (Mulkgat). In addition, I am active in the Feest- en Oranjecomite at the organisation of Easter, King’s Day and Sinterklaas in our village. You can also find me a lot with our dog in the woods around Borkel.