Always had the dream to buy your own building plot and build your own home according to your own wishes? You can now view and buy your dream building plot at Van Santvoort Makelaars. Take a look at our offer of building plots in the Eindhoven region. Van Santvoort Makelaars, the successful real estate agent in the Eindhoven region!

Build your own dream house in the Eindhoven region

Do you want to build your own dream house in the region of Eindhoven? We have several building plots available in the Eindhoven region on which you can build your home (or have it built) according to your own wishes and taste, although within the zoning regulations of the municipality.

What are the advantages of a new building plot?

Financially attractive

A new home offers financial advantages. You do not pay transfer tax like on an existing building house and you also save significantly on your energy costs. Moreover, the interest rate is still historically low.


During the first 10 years you have hardly any maintenance anyway and many guarantees on your materials and your dream house.

Durable and responsible

When building your own home on a building plot you can use the most sustainable materials and thus contribute to a better environment and apply all energy saving techniques that will save you a lot of money.
The roof, facades and floors of a new home are much better insulated than in an existing home. You can also use the newer techniques such as cogeneration and cold and heat storage.

Healthy and safe

You can directly provide your home with ventilation systems for a healthier living environment, professional smoke alarm and burglar-proof hardware is something that is standard in this day and age.

Everything fresh and new

You live in a house in the region of Eindhoven, where you do not take over any defects from the previous owners. The first person who uses the kitchen, fills the bath or flushes the toilet is you. An extensive cleaning or freshening up is not necessary.

Your own dream home in the Eindhoven region

Last but not least, after purchasing a building plot, you can really create your own dream home at a desired location in the Eindhoven region. With the exact architectural look that suits you. A house completely arranged according to your own design, materials and finishing level. Moreover, building a dream home is fun.